Alarms - Wireless

Quantum 70 (wireless)

A complete fully integrated Wireless Panel using two-way technology. Ideal for residential and small commercial applications. With integrated keypad, communicator, and siren, installation will be quick and easy. Aesthetically pleasing it can be mounted anywhere in the premises.


  • Self-Contained control panel with on board keypad
  • Suitable for Residential and Small Commercial Premises
  • Up to 70 RF Zones and 32 Users
  • On board internal siren
  • Digital Communicator with Text Messaging, Speech Dialler and Modem on board
  • ADSL Filer on board
  • Optional GSM / GPRS plug on Communicator
  • Extensive Voice Library
  • EN Grade 2
  • Irish Garda & UK Police Compliant
  • BS8243 / PD6662 Compliant

RF Contact w/ Shock (inertia)

Our experience over the years with both contact and inertia shock sensors has been combined with our advanced two-way wireless platform to create an outstanding wireless contact sensor and wireless shock and contact combined.


  • With SecureWave2-way Wireless Technology
  • Magnetic contacts on left and right hand sides
  • Terminals for hard-wired zones and tampers
  • Contact with inertia sensor available
  • Housing: ABS
  • EN50131-1 (Grade 2)

RF PIR (w/ Quad element)

Based on our highly successful, stylish and reliable wired Quad, the RF PIR is a fully wireless detector. The device has exceptional wireless range and performance. It has a Pet Immune feature and a 15m detection range.


  • 15m detection
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Housing: ABS
  • EN50131-2-2 (Grade 2)

RF External Lid

External siren suitable for use with SecureWave2-way Wireless Technology including the SW 1070, SW 20140, and Quantum 70.


  • Fully wireless, comes with battery pack
  • Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Hinged lid
  • High intensity LED strobe
  • Horizontal/Vertical mounting
  • Resin-protected electronics
  • Red or blue lenses
  • White, yellow, red and blue lids
  • Free screen printing service
  • EN50131-4 (Grade 2)