Wired Alarms

Perimeter Alarm Protection

This type of alarm protection comprises a mixture of devices to secure the perimeter of the protected house.  Contact Sensors can be fitted to external doors to detect the opening of the door.  Contact Shock Sensors, which are a combination of a contact and an inertia (vibration) sensor can be fitted to windows or patio doors to detect forced entry, glass breakage and also the opening of a door or window.

The obvious advantage of this type of protection is that detection is normally signaled before an intruder enters the protected premises as opposed to Trap protection which will only activate when intruders trigger motion sensors when they are inside the premises.  The Contact Shock Sensor can detect someone trying to pry open a door or window as it measures vibration around where the device is fitted. A key advantage to Perimeter Protection is that the system can be fully armed while you are inside the premises thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

Alarm Sensors

Lester Security supply and fit the most advanced protection in sensor security. All vulnerable openings (i.e. windows and doors) fitted with a sensor unit can be analysed electronically in the control panel. In the event of an attempted break-in, the system is designed to activate before an intruder has gained access to the premises.

Secure Wave Control Panel

Cost-effective and reliable, our range of SecureWave Control Panels provide the security and reassurance you need in a top quality intruder alarm system. This range covers all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. SecureWave products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms

SecureWave is a 2-way wireless platform which supports the SW 1070 & SW 20140 hybrid panels and the Quantum 70 complete wireless panel. The hybrid panels are supplemented with a wide range of detection and life safety devices. The intrusion detectors include motion, vibration. and contact sensors while the life safety devices include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. The range also includes dual push wireless panic buttons, secure key-fob and wireless keypad (complete with audio and visual display) in addition to internal and external warning devices.

Quantum 70 (Wireless)

A Complete fully integrated Wireless Panel using HKC’s SecureWave, two-way technology. Ideal for residential and small commercial applications. With integrated keypad, communicator and siren, installation will be quick and easy. Aesthetically pleasing it can be mounted anywhere on the premises.